SLP: UVa Legal Forms

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The first two forms on this page have been approved by the powers-that-be at the University of Virginia ("UVa") for use by UVa students participating in the Service Learning Practicum. In particular, they are not generic legal forms for other fourth-year capstone courses at UVa! Other institutions are welcome to look over these, but they are obviously need to be approved by that institution for use there.

Students, in order to participate, will need to sign the first form ("Student Participation and Release Form"), and possibly the second form ("Capstone NDA") if the nonprofit requests it. The last form ("Open Source Agreement") is to be signed if your projects was stated to be an open source project. Note that there is no requirement for UVa students to sign any of these forms; however, there may be restrictions as to what projects a student can work on if s/he is not willing to sign these forms. In particular, those restrictions will likely mean taking the independent project track to complete the capstone requirement. For more details about not signing the forms, see here.

Nonprofits only have to sign the third form ("Customer Information Agreement"). If the nonprofit wants to have an NDA in effect, then the second form ("Capstone NDA") has already been approved for use by students in this capstone course. Any other NDA form will need to be pre-approved by UVa prior to use. The first form ("Student Participation and Release Form") contains the licensing agreement (item 6 of the form), but that form is only signed by the students. Likewise, the fourth form ("Open Source Agreement") is only signed by the students, and only if the project is stated to be open source.

These forms can be printed out and completed by hand, or one can type form fields into the Word document format (all except the signatures, which must be completed by hand), and print that version.

Student Participation and Release Form

This form is how a student indicates his/her awareness of what is going on in the capstone -- specifically, that software is being developed for an external entity. Item 6 is where the license is provided to the nonprofit to use the software. Should the student be under 18 (not likely for a fourth-year course), then the student's parent will also have to sign the form.

A few notes when filling out this form:

Capstone NDA

This form is a generic non-disclosure agreement (NDA) between the students and the nonprofit for which the students are developing the system. Note that this NDA only covers the data and information that the nonprofit provides to the students. Coverage of other topics (intellectual property, technology transfer, etc.) are handled by the Student Participation Form, below.

A few notes when filling out this form:

Customer Information Agreement

This document ensures that the nonprofit is aware of the various disclaimers associated with this type of project (no warranty, financial responsibility, etc.), as well as various other pieces of information. This form is not a legally binding form, and thus it was not necessary to be approved by UVa. However, it will need to be signed by each nonprofit.

Open Source Agreement

For projects that were stated to be an open source project, the students will have to sign this form, which allows the course instructor to release the code into as open source after the conclusion of the spring semester.

A note when filling out this form: