UML diagram types

  • Structure diagrams
    • Class diagram
    • Component diagram
    • Composite structure diagram
    • Deployment diagram
    • Domain model diagram
    • Package diagram
  • Behaviour diagrams
    • Activity diagram
    • Use case diagram
    • State diagram
    • Sequence diagram
    • Communication diagram
    • Interaction overview diagram
    • Timing diagram

Class diagram

class diagram

Component diagram

component diagram

Composite structure diagram

Deployment diagram

deployment diagram

Domain model diagram

domain model diagram

Package diagram

package diagram

Activity diagram

activity diagram

Use case diagram

use case diagram

State diagram

state diagram

Sequence diagram

sequence diagram

Interaction overview diagram

interactin diagram

Timing diagram

timing diagram

Fully dressed use case

Alistair Cockburn describes the following fields:


  • Title: "an active-verb goal phrase that names the goal of the primary actor"
  • Primary Actor
  • Goal in Context
  • Scope
  • Level
  • Stakeholders & interests
  • Precondition
  • Minimal Guarantees
  • Success Guarantees
  • Trigger
  • Main Success Scenario
  • Extensions
  • Technology & Data Variations List
  • Related Information


I have a 4-page example. Want to see it?

Use case diagram

use case diagram

Supplementary Specification

This includes anything specifications not covered in a use case. Possible sections:

  • Introduction
  • Functionality
  • Usability
  • Reliability
  • Performance
  • Supportability
  • Implementation constraints
  • Purchased components
  • Free open source components
  • Interfaces
  • Application-specific domain (business) rules
  • Legal issues
  • Information in domains of interest