VirtualBox image creation details

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For those who are interested, this is how the VirtualBox image was created.

These directions are duplicated in multiple repositories, as they all use the same image. Those are:


This page has a number of different sections, and the sections you need to install will vary depending on what you are using this image for. The image provided with the class has only two sections not installed: Dropbox configuration (in "Image completion") and Turning of the Internet access (in "Programming Contest configuration").

The top of each section describes which of the sub-sections need to be installed for what.

Software Versions

This installation document installs the following versions:

Newer versions of the above may have since come out, but at the time of the writing of this document (August 2017), they were either the versions installed via apt-get (Clang, Python), or the latest versions installed manually (Django, Ruby, and Rails).


Basic installation

All installations need to run through this, as it sets up the default Kubuntu installation.

Basic installation

Development installation

The "Program and Data Representation configuration" section is for the Program and Data Representation course, and it includes all of the compilers and editors needed. The "Python/Django" section installs the files needed to run Python 3 and the Django framework. The "Ruby on Rails configuration" section is for developing Ruby on Rails software.

Program and Data Representation configuration

LAMP configuration (with both PHP and Python 3)

Ruby on Rails configuration

Programming Contest configuration sections

These sections are for configuring the image to run a programming contest using PC^2, and are not needed if you are not running (or participating in) such a contest. One of the sections below will detail how to turn off the Internet for use in the actual contest, and that should only be completed for the final contest image.

Programming Contest configuration

User account configuration

Turning off Internet access (and other things)

Image completion

The "Installing Dropbox" section is not installed by default. The "Image finalization" section should be run on every image. The other sections largely deal with maintenance.

Image finalization

Installing Dropbox (optional)

NOTE: these instructions have not been tested for a few years, so they may no longer work properly...

Increasing the disk size

The hard drive size was set at 20 Gb, and about 9.9 Gb is available; the rest is used by the operating system (and the swap partition). If you need more space than this, you will have to expand the hard drive. Be careful -- it is easy to accidentally erase the entire hard drive while doing this!

Upgrading from a previous version

Because previous versions of this image were a different version of Ubuntu (specifically, 14.04), we are not providing upgrade information, as it is too extensive to properly check those instructions.

Changes for the future