Program and Data Representation

This is the OLD repository for the course CS 2150, Program and Data Representation, taught at the University of Virginia. I (Aaron Bloomfield) taught this class for 20 consecutive semesters, from the fall of 2007 to the spring of 2017; the last 7 of these semesters have their content in this repository.

The current repository for the course is markfloryan/pdr. This repository (aaronbloomfield/pdr) is no longer being updated.

If you want to see the final contents of the repo when I last taught this course (spring 2017), you can view them here (md). Again, the current iteration of this course can be found at markfloryan/pdr.

If you want to view a previous version of this repository, then you can view a tag from that semester. All tags are of the form 2014-spring. You can view the contents of a tag online (at a URL such as or checkout a specific tag on the command line via a command such as git checkout tags/2016-fall.