Network Security: UVA specific material, spring 2024

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Much of the rest of this repository is meant to be generic to anybody who has a class such as this one. This page contains details specific to the specific version of the course at the University of Virginia.

There are a number of links and other parts of this course that are NOT included in this repository. They are:

The parts of this course that are in this repo are:


All readings are due by the start of lecture that day. You should expect there to be in-class quizzes on each reading. The list of readings, and when they are due, are on the Canvas landing page.


Reading assignments are due by the start of the lecture that day, and all other homeworks are due by the end of the day of the due date given – this means by 11:59:59 pm. The late policies are discussed in the homework policies page (md). Submission is through the Gradescope Canvas tool – all submissions should open up 2 days (i.e., 48 hours) prior to the due date/time. The larger (“P”) homeworks are due on Tuesdays by the end of the day; the smaller homeworks will have varying due days.

Larger Programming Homeworks

All of the programming homeworks are due by the end of the day (11:59:59 pm). To avoid having the due dates having to be listed in too many places, the homeworks and their due dates are not shown here. The homeworks themselves can be seen on the Homeworks page (md) – but please don’t start on one until it’s announced in class that it is ready! You can see the due dates in the daily announcements and the Canvas landing page.

Smaller Homeworks

Readings are due by the start of lecture on that day; all other homeworks are due by the end of the day (11:59:59 pm).

Course calendar

The smaller (“S”) homeworks are usually due Friday, unless otherwise noted. The larger programming (“P”) homeworks are due Tuesday. All homeworks are due by the end of the day (11:59:59 pm).

Week of
P HWs due Tue S HWs due, usually
due Fri
Readings due Expected Topics Actual Progress
1 Jan 15 W,F (none) (none) (none) Introduction; Physical layer Wed: introduction (finished); Fri: physical layer (finished)
2 Jan 22 M,W,F (none) Survey (due Tue), Docker (md) (due Fri) (none) Data link layer Mon: link layer to 5.5; Wed: link layer to 8.5; Fri: finished link layer
3 Jan 29 M,W,F (none) Linux tutorial (md) (due Tue), Network commands (due Fri) Du, chap 3 (IP); 22 pp Network layer Mon: network layer to 5.3; Wed: network layer to 6.3; Fri: transport layer to 5.15, packets to 5.4
4 Feb 5 M,W,F ARP Metasploitable hacks, part 1 Du, chap 5 (transport layer), sections 6.1-6.3 of chapter 6 (TCP attacks); 25 pp Packet capture & analysis; Transport layer Mon: finished network layer, packets to 4.4; Wed: packets to 5.2, transport-layer to 5.3; Fri: …
5 Feb 12 M,W,F Routing Metasploitable hacks, part 2 Transport layer, Firewalls & evasion Mon: finished packets; transport-layer to 7.11; Wed: transport layer to 9.4; Fri: finished transport layer, firewalls to 3.3
6 Feb 19 M,W,F Wireshark Web of trust, week 1 Firewalls & evasion, Encryption Mon: firewalls to 7.6; Wed: finished firewalls, encryption to 3.8; Fri: encryption to 4.4
7 Feb 26 M,W,F (midterm on Wed) Web of trust, week 2 Encryption Mon: encryption to 5.13; Wed: midterm; Fri: WoT work day
8 Mar 4 Spring break (no classes)
9 Mar 11 M,W,F TCP reconstruction Encryption Mon: encryption to 6.16; Wed: encryption to 7.15; Fri: finished encryption
10 Mar 18 M,W,F (Xmas scans) TBD Du, chapter 10 (sections 10.1 – 10.4) and chapter 11; total of 28 pages DNS Mon: dns to 3.19; Wed: DNS to 4.7; Fri: DNS to 4.34
11 Mar 25 M,W,F (Protocol) TBD Du, chapter 12 (BGP): sections 12.1-12.7, but not 12.4 DNS, Attacks Mon: dns to 5.11; Wed: finished dns, attacks to 4.1; Fri: attacks to 5.1
12 Apr 1 M,W,F (TCP shell) TBD watch Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Data Brokers from Apr 11, 2022; 25 minutes Attacks, BGP Mon: finished attacks, bgp to 3.5; Wed: finished bgp; Fri: social engineering to 4.11
13 Apr 8 M,W,F (Network monitoring) TBD Network attacks Mon: finished social engineering; Wed: web security to 3.10 and also xss; Fri: websecurity to 5.11
14 Apr 15 M,W,F BGP TBD TBD Heartbleed Mon: finished websecurity, attacks to 6.3; Wed: finished attacks, IDS to 3.11; Fri: finished IDS, malware to 3.13
15 Apr 22 M,W,F DNS TBD TBD Trojans, rootkits, ransomware; Scanning & fuzzing; Social Engineering Mon: malware to 6.3; Wed: malware to 7.7; Fri: malware to 9.8
16 Apr 29 M SSH MITM (none) (none) Conclusion Mon: finished malware, finished conclusion